PROCLAMATION - Eliminating Kim Jong Un is the way for denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula.


North Korean refugees from all over the world who risked their lives escaping from North Korea, the land of darkness, strongly denounce the Kim Jong-un regime’s fifth nuclear test.


Kim Jong-un is a dictator who is going insane pursuing only despotic power without regard to the North Korean peoples' hardship and went ahead with its fifth nuclear test in September, only eight months after it conducted four nuclear tests in January.


September 9 is the North Korean government foundation day. Notwithstanding the international society’s concerns, Kim Jong-un went ahead with another nuclear test on this day. It is a mere declaration that he can use nuclear weapons to maintain his authority.


Following in the footsteps of his father, Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un strives for power without caring about world peace or the lives and human rights of the North Korean people. It is only innocent North Korean people who die under the dictators’ lust for power.


Mantap mountain in county of Kilju is becoming a radioactively contaminated site due to the North Korean government’s nuclear craze. The Kilju county people who drink the water coming from Mantap mountain are suffering from various incurable diseases, fetal deformities and an unusually high death rate.


Furthermore, in August, people in Ryang-kang province and north Hamgyong province were in a dire situation due to flooding and in were need of aid from the international society. Nonetheless, Kim Jong-un is dissipating foreign currencies on nuclear missiles and weapons, which proves he is unqualified to become the leader of a country.


Thus, on behalf of the North Korean people, North Korean refugee groups all over the world who endeavour to achieve democracy and freedom, and to improve human rights in North Korea strongly condemn North Korea’s fifth nuclear test.


We strongly request the UN to stop sanctions against North Korea, which have showed no effect, to dispatch peace forces immediately and to eliminate Kim Jong-un and his regime. We can only achieve denuclearisation and peace on the Korean peninsula and improve human rights of North Korean people by eliminating Kim Jong-un and his regime.


If the US and UN do not have a hidden agenda and are not trying to benefit from the arms race among North and South Korea, and nearby countries, they now have to get rid of Kim Jong-un and his regime. It is the UN’s role to maintain world peace and protect the North Korean people’s right to life.


The dictator will never give up on nuclear weapons.

Dispatch UN peace forces immediately to eliminate Kim Jong-un.

The real denuclearisation on the Korean peninsula can only be achieved by eliminating Kim Jong-un’s regime.



10 September 2016

INKAHRD(International North Korean's Association for Human rights and Democracy), International North Korean Solidarity