International Conference of Representatives of North Korean Defectors' Organizations Around the World


10:00 – 13:00    9 December 2015 on Wednesday



No.4 Hamilton Place, Royal Aeronautical Society, London W1J 7BQ



Thanks to unceasing efforts of the international society, outside news is continuously flowing into North Korea, despite of the attempts of North Korean regime to block the move.

North Korean residents are changing, and their desire for freedom and democracy is growing.


North Korean residents are being disillusioned day by day, but the capability to lead them to rise up and make ‘the Spring of Pyongyang’ like the Arab Spring, is absent inside North Korea.

Thus, this Wednesday on 9 December, the International North Koreans’ Association for Human Rights and Democracy (INKAHRD) will gather representatives of defectors' organizations around the world and discuss with them, how to lead the liberalization of North Korean residents and the democratization of North Korea.


The platform will deal with subjects such as how to build an alternative force to replace the current North Korean regime, what would be the best way of regime change, what would the role of defectors' organizations in case North Korea experiences rapid change, whether to purge the political establishment or to embrace it after regime change in North Korea, and whether the future North Korean government will pursue democracy or keep socialism.


Please give us your interest and support.