The whole world is panicked by the terrorism threat by the Islamic State. The level of fear is the highest in the United States, where the Islamic militants have announced as the next target.

The city of New York, which had already seen enormous deaths of its citizens by the deadliest 9.11 attack, has deployed the new counterterrorism team around landmark buildings of One World Trade Center, Times Square, and others, on Monday. The 100 new cops added to the Critical Response Command unit under the NYPD are the best agents selected among many applicants.

NYPD Commissioner William Bratton said that the NYPD will increase the number of counterterrorism officers to 560 by the end of this year, and that they are currently investigating the weapons used at the Paris bombings.

Meanwhile, Harvard University evacuated hundreds of students and staff after a bomb threat. The school received an unidentified bomb threat via its website around Monday noon, and immediately evacuated four of its buildings and restricted access to the campus. The restrictions were lifted after no bomb being found, but two of nearby colleges and a public school were also locked down after the threat.

The Islamic State is continuing its blackmailing after releasing a new video warning that the next target after Paris will be Washington D.C. CIA Director John Brennan condemned the militant group as an “association of murderous sociopaths," and emphasized that Europe and the United States alike should be prepared for any additional attack.

France’s neighbors are especially nervous. Swedish intelligence agency SAPO said Tuesday that the country’s security agencies are put on alert after Sweden`s Prime Minister Stefan Lofven and the parliament receiving a blackmail threatening an attack the next day. British Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday that that Britain deterred seven terrorism attempts by Syrian terrorists over the past year. He also announced a comprehensive counterterrorism plan to add 1,900 manpower to its counterterrorism unit and invest an additional 2 billion pounds in reinforcing the capacity. Sir John Sawers, former head of Britain`s secret intelligence service, said another IS terrorist attack is absolutely certain and Germany and Britain could be atop the target list.

In China, two Uighurs were arrested onboard a flight at Urumqi International Airport for alleged terrorism. The Xinjiang district is known as the “powder keg” of China due to the highest number of IS militants among its Uighur residents. Also in Malaysia, the host country of the ASEAN summit on this coming Saturday and Sunday, five IS supporters were arrested for plotting terrorism.