The North Korean Resident’s Society in UK, which represents North Korean defectors living in the U.K., has newly renovated their homepage. In an advanced democratic society, homepage is thought to be the face of an organization to represent its ideas and goals. The address of the newly renovated homepage is www.nkrs.org.uk.


Since the organization was launched on 11 May 2008 at the Richmond Park in the U.K., the homepage experienced three times of change. At first, the site address was named after the launching date, which is 11 May, to become www.nkuk511.co.uk. On the second occasion, the site address changed to ‘www.nkrs.org’ to reflect the abbreviation of the organization’s name, North Korean Resident’s Society in UK (NKRS).


And this time, the members of the Society agreed that it is better to put the word ‘UK’ in the address to emphasize the fact that the organization is based in the UK. Reflecting this, the address now changed to ‘www.nkrs.org.uk’.


The defector who directed the homepage renovation work is Song Ju Kim, who is assuming the role of communications director in the Society. Kim explained that, when the homepage was initially opened, it gave a stationary impression because the homepage was simply made for publicity. With its second version, it became more communicative with its message board to attract the participation of defectors in the U.K.


He continued that he tried to change the homepage from participatory type to dynamic type, to follow world trend in which the advanced IT technology and the media revolution led to the creation of numerous video sites such as YouTube. He emphasized that the concept of the newly renovated homepage is ‘dynamic type’.


In effect, when you access to the homepage, you could see more dynamic and less stationary aspects in it. Particularly, the photo section attracts attention as it shows moving scenes in the middle of the homepage. Through photos showing the diverse sides of defectors’ life in the U.K., you could grasp a good idea on the defectors’ activities in the U.K.


In the second place, the news section, the noticeboard and the Society’s news section provide varied news occurring hour by hour. Especially, the media section on the bottom of the homepage contains various videos on the news about North Korean defectors, as well as other popular videos such as videos on North Korea, documentaries and videos on current affairs and culture.


Also, ‘About the Society’ section provides a good sketch on the organization structure, motive of foundation and goals of the Society. As the section shows well on what ideology the Society was founded and for what goal it aims for, it is applauded by the members of the Society.


And Kim added that the message board is also an important part of the homepage. He emphasized that the section reflects the value of liberal democracy, in that defectors could write down their thoughts and ideas anonymously, while when they were living in North Korea they had no means to express their opinion freely, because of the instructions and controls of North Korean authority.


The homepage of North Korean Resident’s Society in UK is not a mere website, but a space to communicate with the world. The North Korean Resident’s Society in UK, founded under the banner of ‘Be united for future’, is changing continuously to improve itself without losing its original intention. The members of the Society are certain that, in the wave of these changes, the defectors residing in the U.K. will grow from refugees to protagonists who will change North Korea by communicating with the world through this homepage.  


FreeNK team