A Chinese mother chained up her son to prevent him from running away, Daily Mail reports.


Li Teng, 39, from Zhuhai in southern China’s Guangdong Province, was called to the police last Monday to take her nine-year-old son Li Shao who was found wandering the streets. However, the boy insisted on staying at the police station, saying that his mother abused him.

Despite vowing to police officials that she would take good care of him, the mother attached him to a chain shortly after they left the station, to prevent him from running off.


The boy reportedly threw himself on the ground and latched onto a tree to avoid going home; and the mother was called back to the station again.


The woman, who is a single mom, said that the boy had run away multiple times before, and chaining him up was the only way to keep him from getting “knocked over by a car and getting killed.”