North Korean Ambassador to the UN Ja Song Nam recently sent a letter of protest to UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon regarding the new Hollywood comedy film "The Interview", claiming it promotes terrorism against North Korea. The letter included a statement from the North Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs requesting that a formal memorandum be sent to the UN General Assembly and UN Security Council.



Calling on senior officials to get involved in this case only lays North Korea open to further ridicule. Could they possibly think that this type of behavior would improve the image of Kim Jong Eun? Many films poking fun at political leaders have been made down the years, and yet none has elicited such a protest. This is of course because most of the world recognizes that film content is subject to creative license and freedom of expression.


This film is not a documentary. It is a comedic work of art intended to make people laugh by pointing out, amongst other things, the ludicrousness of hereditary succession to a man who has not even turned 30. Isn’t Kim Jong Eun, a portly form in a land of hunger, suitable material for comedic ridicule?


If he doesn't like it, he should find a better way to go about things. He'd be better off acting naturally and not imitating his grandfather, Kim Il Sung. Perhaps he should give some youthful qualities a shot. Ordering salutes from the people and exuding arrogance in every photo further pushes viewers of the film to find commonalities between reality and fantasy. He should bear in mind that this air of pretension provides fodder for further mockery from the international community.