The October 10th anniversary of the founding of the Chosun Worker’s Party has passed off quietly, with no mass events of note. 

The news has come as a disappointment to some sections of the populace. Since the authorities have been holding study sessions all year to emphasize the role and status of the Party in national affairs, some people had been hoping that the anniversary of the Party’s founding might lead to special distribution of food or other goods. However, this did not occur. 

A source from Yangkang Provicnce told Daily NK earlier today, “This year’s revision of the ‘10 Principles’ was one of the things that was particularly emphasized as being down to the ‘leadership of the Party’. Because of this, people had thought there could be some rations on the 10th of October. But on the contrary, we were just told to head for the potato fields.”

“This year, Kim Jong Eun’s New Year’s Address also contained multiple phrases on raising the status of the party, " the source went on, "so that's another reason why there were many people who were secretly rather hopeful for the 10th of October. People are disappointed that there has been nothing." People are feeling somewhat stupid for having hoped that something might be given out by the state, the same source went on to assert. 

A second source from North Pyongan Province recalled also, “In past years there’ve been anniversary lectures, movie and literature study classes, and dances. But this year there was nothing at all. Some are wondering if this isn’t because we’re in the final stages of the harvest and this is for a better yield than last year.”

This year is the 68th anniversary of the founding of the Party; in other words, as it is not a 5th or 10th year, it is not an important anniversary. Therefore, the restrained atmosphere is in keeping with historical tradition. However, on similar occasions in the past the North Korean media has tended only to emphasize loyalty to the Party and other such meta-narratives, rather than directly reporting on dances in Kim Il Sung Square, etc. Therefore, smaller scale events may have been held without provincial sources being aware.